The W Awards is positioned to recognize and celebrate Nigerian women who defy all odds to stand out successfully; highlighting the important contribution that women are making in the Nigerian emerging economy. We are looking for women across four categories who, through their achievements and contribution, have had an impact within their relevant category.

The awards have been designed around the three major categories of women represented by the W Initiative, such that it incorporates and celebrates the many different roles that women play in our society.

The award categories include:

  • The W Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  • The W Young professional of the year
  • The W Seasoned professional of the year
  • The W Amazon of the year (W and Family)


Our mission is to celebrate women who redefine success.

We are looking for women across these four categories who, through their achievements and contribution, have impacted immensely on the economic and social development of the Country.

We want to discover and commend women who have dedicated their time and energy to becoming a beacon and model for other women to emulate.

Success in the W Awards is not dependent on affinity with any organization or person. Rather, it is about recognizing quality and impact. Anyone can be great. But not everyone has the courage to be. The W Awards calls you to applaud the women who do.

The objectives of the W Awards are:

  • To promote women leadership
  • To celebrate women and their transformative power
  • To commend women entrepreneurs and professionals who have been successful in their chosen sphere of businesses and careers in Nigeria

We want you to self-nominate, or to nominate a friend or colleague who you think is fit to win in any of the four categories or deserves to be featured in ‘The Power of 100’

We want men to nominate too, so they can formally recognize the women they see making a difference.

The Power of 100

The Power of 100 seeks to recognize women who have in one way or another made a significant impact in the development of Nigeria as a country. This impact can be in any sector of the society such as Arts & Culture, National Leadership, Business, Philanthropy, Communications, Professions, Community Action, Public Service, Corporate Achievement, Religion, Science &Technology, Education, Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Global Action, Volunteerism, Health & Welfare, Women’s Rights, Leadership etc.

This woman can be of any age and nominations are allowed Post–Humous